Maths Eyes Group Initiative Competition

Entries now closed

If you are running a group Maths Eyes initiative, you can participate in our competition by sharing with us what you did, who was involved, and some pictures or posters you developed. The project should be a group activity and group could be a family, a community group, a school, an after- school club, an adult education centre, a class or any other group (once they are engaged in trying to open their Maths Eyes!) There are prizes for the best Maths Eyes Group Initiative projects. Please note that entries will only be accepted from residents of the island of Ireland. To make your poster more visible, you are encouraged to use technology. Check out our short video to guide you in making the best entry possible.

What you have to say about your Maths Eyes Group Initiative to enter?

You will need to describe your Maths Eyes Group Inititive (This could e.g., be organizing your own local Maths Eyes competition, developing/doing a maths trail, or any other initiative where you hoped to develop Maths Eyes)

1. You have to describe who was involved

2. You have to tell us how the project went and what your favourite part was

3. Upload a sample of photographs you took during the project and/or some examples of what you developed e.g. the Maths Trail, Maths Eyes posters, etc.

Please Note: You should compile your project as a PowerPoint presentation as follows;

  • Slide 1 Describe who was involved in the project
  • Slide 2 What the project involved
  • Slide 3 What your favourite part of the project was
  • Slide 4-6 Some examples of the photographs or posters you developed during the project.

Shortlisted winners will be announced in February 2024.

Guidelines on taking photographs for your project:

  • You should use a camera that will produce photographs in as high a resolution as possible (when saved the original photograph should be more than 2MB in size).
  • Save a copy of the photograph in its original format before any editing takes place. (This is important as if your entry is shortlisted you will be asked to forward a copy of the original photograph).
  • Remember, if shortlisted you will be asked to also submit the original high resolution photograph later so make sure you keep it somewhere safe!!!
  • Decide on the tagline you feel works best with each of the photographs you take as part of your project
  • Chose the photographs/posters you think captures what your did in your project and include these in the presentation submission

Important Dates

  • The competition is open to everyone.
  • The maximum number of entries per family/community/ school project is 1.
  • Closing date for all entries is 30th November 2023
  • The shortlist entries will be announced in February 2024 . The list of shortlisted entries will be available on Maths Week Ireland & HaveYouGotMathsEyes).
  • All those that are shortlisted will be invited to an online celebration where all entries will be exhibited and the winners in each category will be announced.

Please note that by entering this competition you agree that your submission can remain (under CC-By licence) on the website as a resource for others to use.

Queries and further information from [email protected]

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