See Maths Differently:
Unlock Your Maths Eyes

Our mission is to help you to see the maths that you use in your everyday life by opening your Maths Eyes

The Maths Eyes Concept

If you can see the maths that you do in your everyday life you will build your confidence in your own ability with mathematics.

Implementing the Maths Eyes concept is a low Threshold High Ceiling approach that means everyone can get started but the concept also enables lots of built in extension opportunities.

Quick Start Guides to Maths Eyes

Developing Maths Eyes in the classroom

Supporting the Development of Maths Eyes at Home and in the Community

Ways to develop Maths Eyes

Maths Problem Pictures

are an excellent way to help individuals of all ages to develop their “Maths Eyes”.

Maths Trails

in local parks can help develop Maths Eyes with different difficulty levels to suit all.


engage communities using interactive methods and everyday objects.

Maths Week

is a great opportunity to explore Mathematics and for schools and institutions to get involved in our annual Maths Eyes poster and group initiatives competitions.

Creating Lasting Impact Through Maths Eyes

Discover how Maths Eyes have positively impacted global communities and transformed our approach to everyday maths through our collection of past projects and case studies.

People Involved
Maths Problem Posters Created
Maths Trails Developed
International Partnerships Established

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